What we offer

Cycling is a popular sport throughout the world. In Africa, though, cycling is used more often as a mode of transportation. But it is also considered a fantastic form of outdoor entertainment and exercise for kids.

We offer a great variety of children’s bicycles and tricycles. Our bicycles are the perfect gift for birthdays,  celebrations and they make great Christmas gifts. For  adults and high school pupils we have a wide range of  mountain bikes and balloon bikes. These are great for travelling to school or work and for mountain biking or exercising. Our doors are open to the public at our retail and wholesale store which is situated near the Pretoria Zoo in Boom Street.
In addition to bicycles, we offer an ever expanding range of bicycle spares which is also available to selected wholesalers (if you are a wholesaler visit our About Us page for more info).

At Supa Bike, we know that your bicycle requires care and that you want it to look its best. The spares that we provide include all of the parts and accessories that you will need to keep your bicycle looking good and working optimally.